Monday, Nov 12 2018
11:43:55 AM America/Denver

DIAU Network

The Simple Network

Welcome to our website. The Following are links to different sections of our Network.

This is our landing page, as time goes on more resources will be made available. Please pardon our sawdust. We are going to get this landing page to look better, but for now this will have to do.

Members can request their own Website, Blog, Forum and Database - however will be expected to keep their respective projects and resources updated. Their projects must be compliant and legal in the United States of America. Please keep in mind that the information can be seen by an unknown number of people in various places through-out the world and to keep their content rating reasonable depending on its subject matter...

---Current Projects & Divisions---

* Travis R. Clark's Website: Here.

* Travis R. Clark's PTP/PTMP Wireless Link in North Ogden & Farr West; Status: Active

---Legacy Section---

* Travis R. Clark's Legacy Downloads: Here.

---Archived | No Longer Public---

* Old DIAU Forums - We were no longer maintaining this section, and as such we have taken them down.

* Old DIAU WordPress Site - This is no longer available, we were no longer maintaining it.