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AT&T (AT&T Mobility)
The true AT&T Wireless brand in wireless died in 2004, it was brought back after a few years when on November 18, 2005, SBC Communications completed a merger with AT&T Corp, they then took on the name of AT&T and created a new modern globe logo. AT&T announced on March 5, 2006, that it would be acquiring BellSouth‘s telephone operations and its stake in Cingular Wireless. AT&T as a wireless brand is alive and well; however, the old AT&T Wireless Services company remains defunct.

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Where can you get Data Plans from AT&T?

Up until late March 2020, AT&T was the king when it came to mobile hotspot data plans, the plans were inclusive of Unlimited, UnThrottled and most were even non-network managed, providing extremely good quality services for Mobile Data service via routers and hotspots.

Unfortunately that all began to change late march 2020 when AT&T changed its plans and began cutting off users of their popular unlimited hotspot plans that were actually rebranded tablet plans and were against their Terms of Service. Since then some overstocks have been reselling the now-defunct plans wholesale to the unassuming buyer, and buyers of these plans are strongly cautioned. (caveat emptor)

You can still acquire legacy plans but understand the risk (caveat emptor) that your plan might be shut down with no notice for any reason or no reason as AT&T sees fit.

AT&T still offers hotspots and data plans, however, none of them are unlimited and all come with throttling and network management with strict data caps.

AT&T Hotspot Data Plans (direct buy)

  • 50GB for $40 a month
  • 100GB for 80 a month
  • Hotspot / Router purchase is typically around $200.

Overage Charges for Standalone Wireless Internet Data Plans: $10 per 1GB for 10GB plan and $25 per 10GB for 50GB and 100GB plans additional data. If you exceed the amount of data in your qualified/select plan or other allotments during your billing period, overage charges (up to $15 per 1 GB) and/or data speed reduction of up to 128 kbps (2G speeds

AT&T Hotspot Data Plans (3rd Party)

Almost all of the 3rd party providers for the AT&T network have moved on to T-Mobile for their users, including the services I subscribe to and I expect that at any time my legacy AT&T Hotspot plan might get turned off without notice or reason.

Simply put there are no longer any providers of 3rd party AT&T data hotspot plans that I would recommend at this time. As well I would never directly touch their company. In all my experiences; I have been grossly disappointed.

At one point I was even about to go to small claims court over Mobile Hotspot Warranty that they did not want to honor due to me not being a direct wireless customer, I only had purchased the device (IN FULL) with receipt from one of their local stores and they (the big guys on the phone support) gave me the biggest headache and lies about who and how to get my defective product warranty replacement fulfilled.

I had to give them as collateral my credit card information and was told they WOULD NOT CHARGE IT so long as I returned the defective device… I logged in to my bank; low and behold they had charged me for another hotspot (IN FULL), not a retainer in case I bailed with their replacement. I had to chargeback with my bank later after helping the bank conduct an investigation of my dispute as AT&T would not return my funds.

AT&T lies, and cheats!

(caveat emptor). Do not trust them; do not do business with them.
Walk away! Turn around and walk away slowly, don’t spook them they are dangerous.

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