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Verizon ( CREDO Mobile – GreatCall – Page Plus – Total Wireless – Visible ) is arguably the US mobile leader of the 4 giants, with their stable infrastructure high capacity cell sites and their volume of spectrum and customers; Verizon does a great job at spreading their resources evenly to their customers and is a great choice if the price is not of concern.

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Where can you get Data Plans from Verizon?

Great question, Verizon has a tighter noose on 3rd party resellers than other carriers such as T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T; and that makes any 3rd party reseller plans drastically more expensive. So without further to do here are the plans I know about and have tried in the past.

  • ( Directly ) Verizon Hotspot Plan $80 per month with 15GB of data. – Unlimited but slowed to 3g speeds after you use 15GB of data, extra high-speed data is charged $10 per 1 GB if you chose to purchase more data that month, an expensive choice if you use lots of data like me.
  • Link: Verizon 15GB Hotspot plan (requires hotspot purchase).
  • (3rd party) ( 25 – 150+ per month )Verizon 3rd party resellers provided by

Benefits of “Team Red”

  • You can get a plan directly.
  • Unlimited via 3rd parties.
  • Buy more high-speed data.
  • Stable Network
  • Great Speeds
  • Great Capacity
  • Great Service Footprint.

Disadvantages of “Team Red”

  • $$$ It’s SUPER expensive to get true unlimited plans.
  • No true unlimited plans are offered directly.
  • Direct plans ALWAYS have a data cap.
  • Customer service, in my opinion, is really bad.
  • Activation fees of $30 or more is a strong deterrent if you are budgeting.
  • Testing resulted in me seeing a hard data speed caps of 50Mbps regardless of location and a very bad sign of hard network management with their top tier plan at the time of Nov 2019.

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