New Server – New Things – New Security

Major system design changes have been made.

I have initiated a series of upgrades to our core infrastructure, ( Founders ) will now receive real time messages via Text to their mobile number on file should any sort of incident occur with the new system. There have been an array of changes all the way through Email to the servers themselves. Below I will list some core systems that have been changed:

  • DNS ( brought in house )

There is no longer 3rd party resolution of any of our domains we hold.

  • FTP ( brought this back online )

There is now proper security implemented and I was able to safely bring up the FTP system again.

  • HTTP ( HTTP Forwards to HTTPS )

To protect our assets HTTP requests for DIAU.NET & InductiveSoul.US redirect to HTTPS and use a [DV] SSL Certification to encrypt the traffic.

  • SSH ( Private keys are now used )

No password authentication is now allowed, this greatly increases the security of this service.

  • E-Mail ( New E-Mail system )

I have implemented some core changes to the software’s and security practices of our E-Mail system, we should now comply with the ( Can Spam Act ), not that we intentionally spam. In fact I hate E-Mail so much I don’t like even using it. I keep E-Mail on deck so we can support 3rd party services that require an email address ( dirty little devils ).

  • Brute Force Protection ( Now all services are monitored )

If a Brute force attack occurs we now have a monitor to ban & or blacklist IP’s of the offender(s).

  • Text Alerts ( Founders get Text Alerts )

With our new system Text Alerts are sent to the registered phone numbers of the ( Founders ) group, if you haven’t got one yet i’m sure its just a matter of time before someone/thing triggers an alert, this is to help with the communication of the group and to keep us on the same page better.

— and quite a few minor things not worth mentioning here.


Alright well that’s it for this update and report. Good luck to everyone.

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