Maintenance Inbound

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The following services are going offline for 1-4 hours toady between: 12:00PM – 4:00PM 7/15/2017

  • Website Service
  • Demonsaw Service – Likely to be depreciated, the developer is abandoning software’s.

^^^ Demonsaw is not being abandoned I just got trolled by Eijah… sneaky little devil you. 😛

Capitalism is failing, and it’s time to panic

Capitalism is failing, and it’s time to panic BY: Paul Mason

The neo-liberalism capitalist model has resulted in civil wars and economic disaster, and it’s only going to get worse. Unless, Paul Mason argues, we take advantage of the technological revolution we are living through and create a post capitalist sharing society. If we let prices fall and de-link work from wages, we can save the world from disaster.

The Forgotten 100-Year Battery (NiFe)

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The nickel–iron battery (NiFe battery) is a rechargeable battery having nickel(III) oxide-hydroxide positive plates and iron negative plates, with an electrolyte of potassium hydroxide. The active materials are held in nickel-plated steel tubes or perforated pockets. It is a very robust battery which is tolerant of abuse, (overcharge, over discharge, and short-circuiting) and can have very long life even if so treated. It is often used in backup situations where it can be continuously charged and can last for more than 20 years. Due to its low specific energy, poor charge retention, and high cost of manufacture, other types of rechargeable batteries have displaced the nickel–iron battery in most applications.

Rare Nuclear Test Films Saved, Declassified, and Uploaded to YouTube

Published on Mar 15, 2017
The U.S. conducted 210 atmospheric nuclear tests between 1945 and 1962, with multiple cameras capturing each event at around 2,400 frames per second. But in the decades since, around 10,000 of these films sat idle, scattered across the country in high-security vaults. Not only were they gathering dust, the film material itself was slowly decomposing, bringing the data they contained to the brink of being lost forever.

For the past five years, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) weapon physicist Greg Spriggs and a crack team of film experts, archivists and software developers have been on a mission to hunt down, scan, reanalyze and declassify these decomposing films. The goals are to preserve the films’ content before it’s lost forever and provide better data to the post-testing-era scientists who use computer codes to help certify that the aging U.S. nuclear deterrent remains safe, secure and effective.

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See the declassified LLNL tests:

Problems In Farr West, UT

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+++ Farr West City has responded to our request for a statement, outlining steps to take and how to safely deal with this crisis, posted below the video…
I have the unfortunate responsibility to report to our members that one of our locations is currently experiencing a minor issue…

  • – We have resorted to capping off a drain where our equipment is. We hope that the sewage does not continue to backflow into the basement level in the coming days of wet rainy weather.
  • –We are also waiting on a response to a request for a statement by Farr West City’s Public works on what caused, and how they plan to remedy the situation as quickly and safely as possible.


  • Nate Carver – Farr West City

Farr West residents please be advised that the flooding and sewage issues we are
experiencing in our city are also being experienced in various areas throughout the
county.  Here is the latest information and recommendations for those who are experiencing
flooding and/or sewage back-up in Farr West City.

1. Please disconnect all sumps that are pumping into the sanitary sewer. Additional
pumping into the sanitary sewer is exacerbating the problem. If you have sewage in
your home it is now recommended to stop pumping and call a restoration company to
have it pumped into a tank and removed from the home.

2. Remember that it is a violation of federal law to knowingly and intentionally
pump raw sewage into the storm sewer and carries with it the potential for heavy
fines. The Department of Health and Division of Water Quality are now involved in
this incident and "will strictly" enforce and apply fines up to $10,000 to anyone
caught pumping raw sewage into the storm sewer.

3. Farr West City, Plain City, and The Central Weber Sewer District are working collaboratively
to get this resolved. The Sewer District has installed 3/4 of a mile of additional
pipe, above grade, and is pumping to relieve the sewage that is backing up at the
lift station. The storm and resulting run-off have affected the entire county. Sewer
and flooding problems are being experienced county-wide.

4. This most recent storm, melt-off, and sump-pumps have exceeded the sewers normal
operating capacity by more than 6x. If raw sewage entered your home you may file
a claim with the Central Weber Sewer District. You are also strongly encouraged to
contact your homeowners insurance and a restoration company of your choosing immediately,
if you haven't already.

5. If you are in need of sandbags, bags and sand are available in the empty lot to
the south of the park on 2000 West near the city shops. You will have to fill your

6. Please share this message with others who may not be a member of this page.

7. Most areas of Northern Utah, including Farr West, have been put on a serious flood
warning until Sunday afternoon. The problem with flooding and sewer backup may continue
for several days and possibly longer. Farr West City employees are working around
the clock to do what they can to alleviate and prevent more flooding issues. Please
be patient with us during these next round of storms as we ALL are being affected.

Farr West City Public Works