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  • Last updated: 2017/04/22


Welcome to the DIAU Network (DIAU) for short. Your use of this system in any part implies your acceptance to all terms and conditions of membership and honorable guest use.

#1 – All of your use must be of LEGAL nature in the US, UTAH, Weber County & North Ogden City.

It is the user's responsibility to ensure they are familiar with the laws in effect that they may be subject to.

#2 – You may only use these services as intended as seen at DIAU Networks discretion, This means NO Hacking, Snooping or otherwise tampering or altering any part of the Network, be it physically or virtual or by data manipulations.

You are expected to respect the privacy and integrity of the Network, it's operations and through honest thoughtful use of DIAU Network resources.

#4 – Network resources are subject to fair use, best effort policy.

DIAU Network resources are limited by nature, our networking structure attempts to spread load evenly across all network segments the best it can, however over burdening the system will cause slowdowns, best effort means that the data will be transmitted as First In First OUT (FIFO). Fair use implies that you will not knowingly or willfully flood the network with undue traffic as to affect negatively other network users.

#5 – DIAU Network – reserves the right to limit as it sees fit the uses of its system by any member or otherwise at its sole discretion.

Repeat abusers of the DIAU Network resources will result, notices and upon further continuation will result in dismissal from the system.

#6 – DIAU Network Copyright (DMCA NOTICE) – Unless otherwise noted all rights reserved worldwide by DIAU Network. If you feel your digital content is the subject of infringement and wish to issue a takedown request please send that to admin at diau dot net

Please note that DIAU Network operates as a Service provider, and therefore is protected from copyright violations its users may incur.
DIAU Network will strive to make every effort reasonable to remedy any confirmed copyright claim.

#7 – DIAU Network reserves the right to modify this agreement/notice at any time for any reason.

We will attempt to give notice of any update, however it's the user's responsibility to ensure compliance with these terms and to check for updates often.

#8 – Cookies and Privacy Policy

DIAU Network uses cookies on some of its services in order to provide Login and user tracking. This information is not enough to identify you.


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DIAU Network – The Simple Network

Our mission is to provide Utah citizens and our members services that benefit the common good of the state of Utah via collective effort and deployment of technology and services throughout the state.

Questions & Answers – (Common)

#1 DIAU – Is that an acronym?

Yes, DIAU is a acronym. DIAU stands for Domestic Intelligence Agency Utah.

#2 IS DIAU an official agency of Utah or any government body?

No! DIAU is not officially sanctioned or participating in official governmental activities.

#3 Is DIAU trying to become a government entity?

This may be pursued at a later date.

#4 Is DIAU currently a ISP (Internet Service Provider)?

DIAU is not yet a fully functioning ISP, however we do have several services available for use. Growing our agency into a fully redundant, self funded ISP is essential to provide the services that DIAU will begin deploying throughout Utah.

#5 Is DIAU employing anyone?

At this time DIAU Network is run by volunteers. DIAU Network currently is not employing anyone.

#6 How many volunteers actively work on the DIAU Network activities?

There are currently about 4-7 volunteers working directly with me to pursue our goals, for their safety I have been asked not to disclose their names or aliases at this time.

#7 This site seems kinda shady, are you up to no good?

DIAU Network is trying to change the way things are done for the good of all, so as it’s nature entails not everything we do is brought to light.